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The English major at Earlham is centered around how literature shapes the world, including a specific section of courses on literature and social justice.

Our students read literature from various canons, hearing voices that have been silenced throughout history, as well as those that have influenced literary scholarship for centuries.

Each student takes classes that focus on methodologies, on genres, and on the themes of peace and justice in literature. We have a transnational approach, with an emphasis on both international and U.S. diverse voices.

When Lisa Wolpe, actor, director and Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company, visited campus our students had the opportunity to ask "How do you use Shakespeare to make the world a better place?"

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Many of our students travel overseas for the London Program. On a recent experience, they developed digital multimedia guides about The Lonely Londoners, Voyage in the Dark, and The Emigrants.

Earlham students have access to a number of postgraduate fellowships, including Fulbrights and the Watson. Students find that their English degree has prepared them for all sorts of graduate programs.

Our alumni have used the English degree as a foundation for various careers involving many forms of communication and research, including novelists, poets, teachers, librarians, journalists, lawyers, and people working in both the non-profit and business worlds.