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“I gained a lot of mental toughness and learned to be quick, flexible and confident while making decisions. We were tasked with assisting on a variety of different procedures while working with children to educate them about a number of topics related to health.”

— Vanessa Duran ’20, a Neuroscience major
from San Diego, California

“The FIMRC doctors and I taught the Earlham students basic physical examination skills, which many patients graciously permitted them to practice in the clinic, and despite the language barrier, these encounters gave the students a unique first taste of the therapeutic relationship."

— Kevin Schmidt Tanager, M.D.,
alumni mentor

“It has been very rewarding to offer students a transformational, fully funded experience in an area of study that is in high demand,” he says. “Because of support from Earlham faculty, the EPIC initiative, and our vast alumni network, we now have two programs in two very different countries that we know work well. I’m excited that this provides an additional way faculty can engage with students in the years to come.”

— José-Ignaco Pareja,
co-faculty leader