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Led by José-Ignacio Pareja, Ph.D. (director of the Science and Technology Commons) and Lori Watson, Ph.D. (professor of Chemistry), the group of nine students was comprised of aspiring dentists, pediatricians, physical and occupational therapists and alternative medicine practitioners.

Jose -ignacio -pareja

José-Ignacio Pareja, Ph.D.

Lori -watson

Lori Watson, Ph.D.

Kevin -schmidt -tanager

Kevin Schmidt Tanager, M.D.

The team took a step toward those goals by learning how to take vital signs, glucose readings, working in a pharmacy, and designing health education programming for children. The students were also supported by doctors and psychologists from the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children and received additional mentorship from Kevin Schmidt Tanager, M.D., a member of Earlham's Class of 2012 who is currently conducting his residency in pathology at the University of Chicago. Tanager was a Chemistry and Biology double-major at Earlham.