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Built in 2015, the Center for Science and Technology includes a state-of-the-art computer lab and a robotics lab, supporting  both what we teach and how we teach it.

Student/faculty research opportunities in Computer Science have been enriched with involved faculty, including Xunfei Jiang's work on power saving scheduling algorithms and Charlie Peck work with students on field science projects.

Our Green Science group designed and built our first solar charging station. Now anyone in the community can charge their devices using solar energy!

Given Earlham’s globally diverse community, most students don’t even have to leave campus in order to converse with native speakers in the languages they are studying.


Earlham has three new Applied Science Groups: Disaster Preparation and Response, Fabrication Lab (3D design and printing), and Cluster System Administration.

Our majors have pursued graduate work in computer science at institutions such as Indiana University; University of California, Santa Cruz; and the universities of Central Florida, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Washington.

Alumni have found jobs with such major technology companies as Lucent,, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, MCI/WorldCom and Ontrack. Others have started their own technology businesses.