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African and African American Studies:
Tracking and Engaging Black Humanity

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African and African American Studies critically examines African and Diaspora experiences, institutions and perspectives, with particular focus on the ways in which gender/sex, class, racial capitalism and ideological theories have shaped the lives of Black peoples.

Our faculty includes the authors of an award-winning text Along the Streets of Bronzeville: Black Chicago’s Literary Landscape and a revelant publication (Everywhere) Ferguson and the Socio-Religious Challenge of Hip Hop Culture.

Our students have the opportunity to pursue courses, including small group collaborative faculty-student research with faculty whose teaching and scholarly interests from Civil Rights history to the culture of Hip Hop.

The Program sponsored a Freedom Summer conference on campus in Spring 2015, and welcomed civil and human rights activist and philosopher Bob Moses to campus.


AAAS draws on faculty and courses primarily from the departments of History, English, Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Politics, Religion and Sociology/Anthropology.

Our students participate in educational opportunities in Tanzania, Senegal, London, Ghana, México, Spain, France, Germany/Austria, South Africa, Haiti, New York City, Martinique, and Ecuador.

AAAS graduates pursue law school, medical school and graduate school at such institutions as the University of Rochester, Columbia, Tufts, Northwestern, Ohio State, Northeastern and Boston universities.