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Policies for EPIC Advantage Summer Research and Community Projects Experiences

Eligibility to Apply

Earlham students who are rising sophomores, rising juniors, rising seniors, and May graduates are eligible for one EPIC Advantage experience. That may be a summer faculty/student research experience or a faculty/student community project experience. EPIC Advantage internships have different eligibility requirements. Please see the FAQ on the EPIC Advantage website for the latest guidelines.

Application Process

Students must complete an application, which is available via Handshake. The dates that the application opens will be announced at the beginning of each fall semester. After the applications are reviewed, faculty leaders will conduct interviews for the program. Students may apply for one program.

Student Selection Process

The Faculty Leader(s) reads the applications, interviews the students, and makes the final decisions regarding selection.

If there are more applications than there are spaces in the EPIC Advantage program, some students may not be able to participate. Factors such as the quality of the application and interview, seniority, or ability to participate at a later date will be considered. Some students may be placed on a waitlist and some students may not be accepted.

The Faculty Leader(s) will inform students if they are accepted, put on a waitlist, or not accepted.

The Center for Global Education will send official letters of acceptance and ask for a signed confirmation of participation in the program no later than January 15.

Selection Criteria for EPIC Advantage Research and Community Projects

Each experience is different and each has its own set of criteria. The following criteria for selection will be important in all programs:

  • how carefully and thoughtfully the application is written;
  • how appropriate the EA experience is for the student;
  • whether the student has the special competencies or skills (e.g. language or lab skills) needed for the experience; and
  • whether the student has demonstrated the emotional stability and maturity to lead a stable, responsible, and healthy lifestyle during this experience.


Participation in the EA program is voluntary. Students agree to participate and to cooperate with Earlham College, the Faculty Leader(s), the Center for Global Education, and the group in all aspects of the EA Program.

Failure to meet and maintain the above conditions may result in being withdrawn from a program.

Student Withdrawal

Students who choose to withdraw from the EA program before it starts should notify the Center for Global Education immediately in writing. Students who use EPIC Advantage funding and who withdraw after the January 15 confirmation date will no longer be eligible for EPIC Advantage funding. Funds that have already been spent on the student’s behalf will be charged to the student’s account. Students who pay for participation in the EPIC Advantage experience and who withdraw from the program after January 15 will be charged for all expenses that have been spent on the student’s behalf.

Dismissal from an EA Program

The Faculty Leader(s) and the Center for Global Education staff, in consultation with other Earlham College faculty and staff, have the authority to establish expectations necessary for the operation of the EA program. If the decision is made to terminate a student from the program, that decision will be final. Students who are withdrawn from an EPIC Advantage program will not be permitted to join another EA program at a later date.


All students who participate in an EA program are required to have a personal health insurance policy that covers them throughout the experience. In many cases this means insurance that covers them outside the U.S. The Earlham student insurance policy covers students outside the U.S. All Earlham faculty and students are covered by emergency insurance provided by AIG. This coverage includes worldwide travel assistance, medical assistance, and safety and security assistance.

Risks and Responsibilities

Participation in an EPIC Advantage experience involves risks not found in study at the College. These risks may include, but are not limited to: risk involved in traveling to, within, and returning to the EA sites; political, legal, social and economic conditions; different standards of design, safety, and maintenance of buildings, public places and conveyances; local physical and weather conditions. Students assume responsibility for their actions and well-being at all times: before and during the EA program, and during any independent periods. It is the responsibility of the student to consult with the U.S. Consulate and other appropriate agencies and authorities regarding the advisability of travel to other areas in the region if traveling outside the U.S. Students accept these risks and responsibilities.

Cost and Billing

Students are given the opportunity to have one funded EPIC Advantage experience, whether that is an internship or a program. Students who choose to participate in an EA program using their one-time EPIC Advantage funds will not be billed for the program, with the exception of possible flight costs (see below). The costs of visas will be covered through the Center for Global Education. Plans for travel to secure visas must be approved by the staff of the Center for Global Education.

Students will pay for their own passports and immunizations. If costs are prohibitive, students may apply for scholarship funds through the Center for Global Education to help cover these expenses. Students will pay for personal expenses such as sunscreen, gifts, etc.

Once a student has completed a funded EPIC Advantage experience, there will be no additional financial support for a second program. Students who have used their EPIC Advantage funding and want to participate in a second EPIC Advantage program will pay for their participation. There will be a weekly fee and students will cover costs of roundtrip transportation, visas, immunizations and other expenses involved in the program. The fee is the same across all programs. Students who choose to participate as a paying member will be charged by the Earlham Accounting Office.

Flight Expenses

The College will pay for travel to and from the program site up to the established budgeted amount. Budgets for flight expenses will be based on average roundtrip airfare from the Earlham region (Dayton, Indianapolis, Cincinnati) to the program site. Should a student wish to depart from another region and the flight costs exceed the budgeted average, the difference in flight expenses will be billed to the student through their student account. For example: The average roundtrip airfare to Alaska from the Earlham region is budgeted at $800.00. If a student chooses to depart from Portland, Maine, to arrive in Alaska, the cost might be $1000.00 roundtrip. The student would then be billed the difference ($200.00). 

Once flights have been purchased, the College will not reimburse students for cancelled travel or pay for any fees associated with changes to travel itineraries initiated by students, including fees related to missed flights. It is very important that students think through their travel plans carefully and double-check dates, times, and other associated issues before tickets are purchased.

Students will pay for changes in flight schedules that they initiate, including changes that are due to missed flights, and for more than one piece of luggage.

If a student withdraws from the EA program after January 15 and the College has already paid for the flight, the cost of the flight will be charged to the student's account.

Pre-departure Expectations

Students are required to participate in a one-credit seminar (credit/no credit, non-billable) in the spring semester prior to the program. This course will consist of, among other topics:

  • nuts and bolts (flights, passports, visas, etc.);
  • location information (geography, cultural awareness, identities);
  • team building and expectations for the group;
  • physical and mental well-being;
  • safety and security; and
  • outcomes - how will students present their research.


EPIC Advantage research and project experiences can be worth 0-3 credits, depending on the length of the program.

  • All programs will be assigned as 1-3 credits by the Faculty Director of the EPIC Advantage program, in consultation with the Director of the Center for Global Education and the Registrar. In general, this will be based on the length of the program (i.e., 1-13 days = 1 credit; 14-20 days = 2 credits; 21 or more days = 3 credits).
  • If the credits from this experience push a student over 18 credits, the credit overage will be billed like additional credits obtained during a May Term, regardless of when the experience occurs. EPIC Advantage funding will not pay for credit overages, so this additional fee would be billed to the student account.
  • In outstanding circumstances, students should discuss the possibility of participation in a specific program for zero credits with the faculty member(s) leading the program. With the consent of the faculty member(s) leading the experience, students can opt to participate for zero credits.

If an experience occurs within the calendar space assigned to May Term courses (generally the first Wednesday of June), any credits for the program will be assigned to spring semester. If an experience ends (regardless of when it begins) after the calendar space assigned to May Term courses, any credits for the program will be assigned to fall semester of the following academic year. A senior counting on these credits for graduation in May must participate in a program during the calendar space assigned to May Term courses, or that student will become a December graduate of the College.

Arrival and Departure from Program Site

Students are required to arrive at the EA program site by the date specified. Students are expected to complete the EA program and remain at the program site until the specified departure date.

Student Conduct and Health

Students are required to obey the conduct requirements of the individual EA program. Students are required to be in good physical, mental, and emotional health to complete the EA program.

Breakage, Damage and Loss of Items

Students who are responsible for breakage or damage at the EA program site will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement. 

Program Changes

Earlham reserves the right to terminate or alter an EA program at any time and for any reason, without prior notice. Every attempt will be made to keep students apprised of these changes as they arise.

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