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Students must complete two of the following foci and are required to select course options from multiple divisions.

Geology Focus

  • GEOL 201 Earth and the Environment — offered every semester
  • GEOL 316 Geochemistry and Environmental Change

Biology Focus

  • BIOL 111 Ecological Biology — required, offered every fall semester and a prerequisite for BIOL 350, 360 and 362
  • and one of the following:
    • BIOL 350 Field Botany — offered twice every three years
    • BIOL 360 Conservation Biology— offered alternative years
    • BIOL 362 Biology of Insects
    • BIOL 410 Applications of GIS in Ecology, Environmental and Health Sciences — offered in the spring semester in alternate years

Environmental Sustainability Focus

  • ENSU 141 Environment, Society and Sustainability — offered every fall semester (Social Science Division)
  • ENSU 151 Environment, Science and Sustainability — offered every spring semester (Natural Science Division)
  • ENSU 326 U.S. Environmental and Natural Resource Policy — offered spring semester in alternate years (Social Science Division)
  • ENSU/POLS 322 Climate Policy — offered spring semester in alternate years (Social Science Division)
  • ENSU 341 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation — offered spring semester in alternate years (Natural Science Division)

Management/Economics Focus

  • ECON/MGMT 100 Introduction to Economics — offered every semester and a prerequisite for ECON 342 and ECON/ENSU 343
  • MGMT 200 Financial Accounting — offered every semester
  • MGMT 306 Ennovation Lab
  • ECON 342 Economic Development — offered in alternative years, ECON
  • ECON/ENSU 343 Economics of the Environment — offered in the fall semester in alternate years


Co-Curricular Activity

Students shall complete a set of experiences, totaling 30 hours or more, approved by Integrated Pathway faculty, for example:

  • Volunteer or work at a farm or garden

  • Lead a project at Miller Farm

  • Volunteer or work with a Farmer’s Market or other organization focused on agriculture and/or food systems
  • Lead Miller Farm Sustainable Agriculture course

  • EPIC Advantage or summer research focused on agriculture or food systems as approved by Integrated Pathway faculty

  • Participate in a farm/agricultural-focused conference, since as the Indiana Small Farms Conference

  • Other opportunities considered by petition as approved by Integrated Pathway faculty


Culminating Experience

A poster or oral presentation at EPIC Expo or other conference (for example, Indiana Small Farms Conference, Ohio Small Farms Conference, professional conferences, etc.) that demonstrates connections between curricular and co-curricular components of the Integrated Pathway.