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January 28, 2017

Earlham Student Government (ESG) 2017 is troubled and dismayed by the Executive Order signed by US President Donald J. Trump on January 27, 2017, suspending entry of all immigrants and non-immigrants from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, and Yemen). Such a ban on immigration is unethical and has very real, detrimental consequences for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. ESG 2017 collectively denounces President Trump’s immigration ban, and will work to support Earlham students regardless of national origin or immigration status. We are also dedicated to being facilitators of any discussions that may need to take place, and wish to offer, and foster an environment of, solace and solidarity.


ESG 2017 also urges the Earlham College senior staff and administration, as well as the Board of Trustees, to respond to this Executive Order promptly and in a manner consistent with the Quaker values of our College. ESG 2017 looks to the College’s Principles and Practices for guidance in such a distressing time, and encourages College leadership to do the same. Our founding Principles and Practices of “Respect for Persons,” “Community,” “Integrity,” and “Peace and Justice” seem particularly pertinent in this situation.