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Greg -mahler"Hashem is like so many of Earlham's students, who are very bright, very active, and very concerned with the world around us. He has been a real leader on campus, and in my eyes is exactly the kind of student that the Rhodes Scholarship is seeking to recognize. He is clearly someone who is going to continue to be a leader in life. We at Earlham are delighted that his skills and his accomplishments have been recognized, and we wish him the very best as  he moves forward in life."

— Greg Mahler
Academic Dean

James -logan"What in my view makes Hashem a very strong candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship, is his passion for seeing that what one learns in the academy is inextricably tied to bettering the lives of everyday people who lament and celebrate life from the margins of human societies. Not only does Hashem embody the dynamics of lament and the celebration of life with his mind, he also embodies these dynamics with his laughter, his passion, his dance, his joy, and his tears, indeed his mutually venerable and covenanting presence in his all-round associations with others."

— James Logan
Professor of Religion
Professor and Director of African and African American Studies
National Endowment for the Humanities Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies

Swanger -joanna"In his commitment to the intellectual project, Hashem reminds me of an earlier generation of students who had no Internet and therefore spent their time outside of the classroom talking about ideas and working through texts together, not as something burdensome, but as something stimulating and enjoyable. Indeed, he is a young intellectual, and is not afraid to embrace this identity. When in Latin American history class we read the works of José Martí, the great Cuban intellectual and founder of the Cuban independence movement, I could see how deeply Martí’s works resonated with him, as someone who, like Hashem, was forced into a kind of exile but whose love for the home from which he had been exiled drove all of his work, as well as his compassion for humanity at large. He is always seeking to make connections between all the theory and history we read in PAGS, and the current struggles for justice in which he is involved. It has been a true honor and inspiration to get to work with such an amazing student."

— Joanna Swanger
Director of Peace and Global Studies Program
Associate Professor of Peace and Global Studies