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Collegiate Learning Assessment

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) measures student learning using newer methods. The assessment process takes a representative sample of students to detail how an institution has contributed toward student learning. By comparing students' abilities when they first come to college with their ability after four years, the CLA measures "value added."

The skills assessed are:

  • critical thinking
  • analytical reasoning
  • written communication
  • problem solving

Results are presented in terms of whether Earlham students are doing "better," "worse" or "about the same" as would be expected based on their entering skills as demonstrated in SAT and ACT scores. Scores of similar students at other colleges are also taken into consideration.

Mean scores for freshmen and seniors at Earlham and at all schools
  Freshman Seniors
  Earlham All Schools Earlham All Schools
Performance Task 1120 1069 1224 1170
Analytic Writing Task 1079 1116 1313 1263
Make-an-Argument 1051 1109 1291 1252
Critique-an-Argument 1083 1107 1319 1266
Total Score 1105 1094 1269 1207
SAT Score 1199 1074 1190 1100
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